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Energy & The Environment

Climate change driven by human activity threatens our environment, health, and safety. By investing in clean renewable energy, we can minimize the impacts of climate change, while also creating good paying jobs.

When it comes to environmental policy, John will be informed by scientists, and not by lobbyists. The consensus by experts who study climate change is clear; human activity is responsible for climate change. John supports H.R. 3671, The Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act, which was introduced in the House earlier this year. This legislation would drastically reduce carbon emissions and transition us towards energy independence through renewable sources such as wind and solar.

John supports current environmental regulations that ensure clean air and clean water. He supports protecting our national parks and conserving our natural beauty and wildlife, which are national treasures.

We owe it to our children and grand-children to protect the environment. By making these changes now, we ensure our health, our economic security, and our national security.

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