Why I'm Running

I am running for Congress because I believe in a new vision of representation for the 6th Congressional District of Texas. With this vision, I will listen with compassion to your stories because this office is held by one person, but represents all people. I pledge my commitment to learn what issues are a priority for you and this historic and diverse community. I will lead with vision and govern with integrity, so that we may collectively envision a prosperous future for the 6th Congressional District and the great state of Texas.

My campaign is committed to transparency. What I do in Washington will be influenced by what my constituents believe. I will not be elected to promote my own agenda, but rather to represent the many unique voices of Texans in our district.

Throughout my life, I have dedicated my career to working on behalf of others. Whether it was working in the healthcare industry, supporting public education, or advocating for vulnerable populations, I have committed myself to a career of public service. My work with Medicaid recipients, women’s health, under-insured/uninsured populations (including immigrants), and HIV/AIDS patients has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my career. This career of service will continue as I seek to represent the constituents of my district. I am committed to making sure that all I do on the national level will seek to support the 6th Congressional District of Texas on a local level.

As a candidate representing the diverse heritage of the 6th Congressional District of Texas, I commit to listening to your stories, learning what you believe makes this district thrive, and leading with a shared and unified vision. I know my unparalleled advocacy experience, my love of this great state, and my mission to represent all of Texas is needed in Congress. I am committing myself to a campaign and governance that finds sustainable solutions to the unique problems of our district as well as partnering with the wider Texas populations to bring the strength of Texas and the commitments of the democratic party to the United States Congress.


My Priorities

Now more than ever, we need a member of Congress who will listen, learn, and lead on behalf of the diverse population of the 6th Congressional District of Texas. That is why I have identified the following as my top priorities:


I believe that everyone has the right to affordable and quality health care. We must do more to bring down costs of health insurance premiums, prescription drugs, and treatment. I believe that the social safety net for seniors should be protected. I also believe that migrants residing in this country without proper documentation should be allowed a path to citizenship. I am committed to listening to your concerns and working together to find sustainable solutions for healthcare, social security, and immigration.


I believe that every child has the right to a free and high-quality public school education. I believe that we should invest in job training programs and infrastructure improvements in rural areas to create good-paying jobs. I am here to learn what I can do to enhance the quality of education our young people receive and to invest in the future of Texas by promoting and supporting vocational programs.


I am committed to being a person who represents the people of Texas with a vision of progress. I will utilize your stories, your hopes, and your concerns to be an efficient and compassionate leader who seeks change and expects results.

As I get to know each of you who make up our district over the coming months, I invite you to share with me your triumphs and struggles. As your candidate, I am committed to listening to your stories, learning more about the issues that matter most to you, and leading with Texas strength and American liberty. It is my hope that I will earn your vote, that I can count on your support, and that I will have the honor of representing you in Washington.


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